Workplace of the Future Panel Discussion

Workplace of the Future Panel Discussion

“Bladerunner” 1982

On a rare and welcome late season rainy April 25th morning, some of us in the San Francisco Studio attended the Workplace of the Future Panel Discussion Hosted by the San Francisco Business Times. Are we better informed about what the workplace of the future is? Maybe not. Did we have fun collecting buzzwords and imagery thrown out by the panel? Most definitely. Some of our favorites follow below.   Whimsical Information Access Power Lunch. Extreme Personalization. The Building as the Ultimate Smartphone Accessory.  Change the Coffee. The Johnson Wax Building. The Oxytocin Effect.  Spatial Desire. Gattaca. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). Consumer IT. Crisp Takeaway. Blade Runner. Consumer Space. Trust. Connectivity Stressing. Bring Your Own Software (BYOS). Expression Shaming. Extreme Personalization. The Open Office is Dead.   Discuss among yourselves. We are thinking seriously about what the I-Building might look like.

“Her” 2013

“Gattaca” 1997

The LIFE Premium Collection

“Metropolis” 1927