Mill Street Improvement Project


Our associates, with assistance from the Westport Regional Business League and approval from Kansas City’s Public Works Department, recently volunteered time to design and install a more lovable version of Westport’s Mill Street.

Westport is one of Kansas City’s most popular entertainment and shopping districts. It’s currently on the upswing for growth, but Mill Street was an over-sized, fast-moving hindrance to its expansion and connection to the greater neighborhood. We reduced the street from three lanes to two in an effort to make it more pedestrian and cyclist-friendly.

After a year-long evaluation period, the new alignment is expected to become a permanent feature with relocated curbs, new street trees, site furniture and enhanced paving.  The added value is already evident, but once permanent, this improvement will make Westport a more sociable, safe and profitable place.

The potential value of the project is $697,632*.

*$43,602 district sales generated per existing Westport parking space [according to KCMO’s recent parking study] X 16 new parking stalls created