I recently gathered with a table of experts at the Kansas City Business Journal to discuss the emerging gaps and convergence between education and the workplace. The session was filled with ideas of inspiration, strategic positioning and downright concern.  Our world is in an increasingly rapid state of change, only to continue changing faster – faster than what the experts claim our society can remain comfortable with.  Disconnect and apathy are going to become increasingly prevalent feelings, as people feel like they can no longer stay grounded and understand the world around them.

Read the full transcript of the discussion here.

kcbj panel

Experts gathered to discussed the gap between education and the workplace in the 21st century (Image credit: Kansas City Business Journal).

We as designers and educators have a responsibility to understand the forces causing change, primarily technology, globalization, and climate change, in order to position higher education and employers in successful and sustainable positions.

Gould Evans has embarked on a deep inquiry exploring the issues and opportunities surrounding this widening gap between education and employers. We’re quite certain it will lead us places we don’t even know exist. And we, along with everyone else, must become comfortable with this – rapid response to the changing conditions around us. The only way to effectively do this is through collective knowledge – working with a broad set of people, each bringing their own expertise and insight.

To this end, we would love to hear your perspective and include you in our research. We’re early in our quest, so gathering diverse ideas is essential to the success of our path.

  1. In your opinion, who is doing the best job of preparing graduates for the world of work?
  1. What is the best advice you’d offer college students preparing for the world of work? Or even advice you’d offer to high school students?
  1. What do you think will be the biggest fundamental changes in either education or the work place as the world’s pressures drive mandatory change?

If you’ve heard any other success stories related to the gaps and convergence of work and education, we’d love to hear them as well.


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    Ariel Jankord

    We live in a world where rote learning has little value. We need to be raising up innovators, and problem solvers. I’m an elementary teacher working to transform my classroom. I want to empower students and guide them in taking charge of their own learning. Education has to change and I think partnering with companies is key, but it needs to start sooner than college, and high school. We have the challenge of preparing students for jobs that don’t exist yet!
    My advice for college students is to become an apprentice, take advantage of internships, and travel the world.

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