A Day in the Life of the HALO Foundation

It’s 9:00am on a beautiful Saturday morning at STEAM Studio.  The van pulling into the parking lot has been en route picking up homeless youth at shelters around Kansas City’s urban core for the past half hour.  For Aubony Chalfant, she never knows how well her planning is going to pay off until she sees how many youth step off the van. “It’s different every day.  One day we might have two youth.  The next day we might have twenty.  It’s all dependent on how many kids show up in the shelters.”

Aubony is the Halo Center Facilitator at the Halo Foundation.  They partner with area shelters working hard to coordinate engaging activities for disadvantaged youth; they’re particularly well known for their art workshops. Weeks ago, STEAM Studio scheduled a Design Thinking workshop with Halo. But it’s not until the van rolls up to the Studio that we really know what we’re getting, (to finish the famous quote from Forrest Gump).

Regardless of quantity, the volunteers from Gould Evans, including spouses and friends, get the joy of watching these kids shift from reluctant participants to passionate designers.  It’s a blessed thing to be a part of. We’ll let the pictures do the talking in this pictorial post.